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Find Strength in a Diverse Workplace

By May 6, 2022May 18th, 2022Uncategorized

When Yolanda Evans worked for a company with facilities in the rural Midwest, she found it challenging to recruit people of color.

But then she got involved locally. First, she helped kids apply for jobs and learned about local technical schools she did not know about. Then, by researching those schools online, she discovered the types of education they provided and could enlist candidates who held those certificates.

Attracting a diverse group of job candidates requires more than sitting behind a computer.

But the first step is for company leaders to decide, “We want an organization of people who will add thoughts, ideas, experiences, and perspectives.”

The Bottom Line

Companies with ethnically diverse executive teams are more likely to have above-average profits. It is also true that companies with more women and people of color in their workforces make better investment decisions.

Hiring for diversity can also minimize expensive turnover and reduce the cost and bad social media publicity that can result from filed discrimination lawsuits.

And honestly, there is also the benefit of doing the right thing by giving people equal opportunity.

Tips For Recruiting

Leaders hoping to increase workforce diversity should review their employee recruiting and hiring strategies. Here are specific actions that can be taken:

  • Create inclusive job descriptions and job postings
  • Seek out diverse groups of candidates
  • Make it clear in job postings that Native American applicants, veterans, and people with disabilities will get preference in the hiring process.
  • Search for candidates in targeted professional groups
  • Follow diversity, equity, and inclusion influencers on social platforms.
  • Help develop potential future employees.
  • Seek referrals from current employee
  • Use diverse hiring teams.

Employee Retention

The best recruiting is all for nothing if a new hire quits immediately. However, this can be overcome with a mentorship program to allow workers to develop the skills they need to move to the next level and thrive within the company.

Evaluating Diversity In Hiring Progress

Most companies with solid diversity in hiring programs have not identified ways to measure their successes. Yet, measurement is a vital component of creating workplace diversity, equity, and inclusion in workplaces that allow all employees to thrive.

The following key performance indicators (KPIs) are recommended to measure gender and other types of diversity within organizations:

  • Percentage of representation on an organization’s board
  • The portion of representation by employee categories
  • Pay equality.

Mistakes To Skip

A common mistake made by employers is failing to debunk the myth that increasing workforce diversity means hiring underqualified talent. Leaders need to clarify that focusing on variety brings talented workers into the workplace. Without training, managers will hire people like themselves because of their unconscious biases.

But the most significant threat might be thinking the work on diversity is done. You will never be finished with it.