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Turn an Interview Into a Job Offer

By May 6, 2022May 18th, 2022Uncategorized

Popular career coach and author Martin Yate, uses his experiences as a former HR professional to takequestions each week about how one can further an HR career.


What is the best possible way to get your start with a business to launch your career in Human Resources? I have done a lot of contract work in HR, but it never leads to new opportunities. I get interviews, but never any HR job offers.


It would be best to always go to a job interview to get a job offer. All too often, a candidate will waste an interview by pursuing the wrong goals, wondering and asking questions to help decide

if this is the:

  • Right job
  • Right company
  • Right work environment, etc.

While these questions are good, they are irrelevant until there is a job offer. You go to interviews to get the job offer; job evaluation happens once an offer of employment is made.

Ask yourself this question: How many job offers have you received in your life? When you look at all the professional skills that have helped you survive over a long career, you will see that the most important skill, and also probably the one you are the least prepared to handle, is your ability to transform an interview into a job offer. Yet this is the skill that puts money in the bank, pays your mortgage, and directshow well you live your life at home.

Your only worry at each employment interview needs to be to improve your ability to receive employment offers. Treat every job interview as an opportunity to enhance this most crucial survival skill. Nothing else matters, not the compensation, the benefits like healthcare, or the composition of the work environment; they are all unimportant until an offer is on the table.

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